Floatsheet VIBration, is a composed material made of a mixture of tar and rubber. It is a great product to be used as an anti-vibration layer, suitable to be applied on the sound insulation composite construction in residences, hotels, clubs, nightclubs, recording studios, as well as for sound insulation and noise reduction of the industrial traffic equipment. This thin and high quality material provides obvious noise control and vibration absorption results in a highest cost/performance.

Floatsheet VIBration can effectively absorb and obstruct the noise transmitted through the walls, ceilings and floor structures by utilizing the mass law and damping principle of the architectural acoustic materials.

This product has good fire resistance, heat resistance, elasticity, flexibility and tensile strength. It can be cut with the wallpaper cutter and be fixed with nails or adhesive. This material is supplied in roll in two options: with or without adhesive.

It will provide a global acoustic insulation index of 23dB with the values per octave: 5.2dB@125Hz | 12.5dB@250Hz | 19.5dB@500Hz | 24.2dB@1kHz | 29.4dB@2kHz | 35dB@4kHz with a global index 23dB


Anti-vibratic layer
Anti-vibration and noise control layer with great mass
Good fire resistance, elasticity, flexibility and tensile strength
Performance / cost
Great performance / cost. Supplied in rolls with or without adhesive
With nails or adhesive glue
Suitable for
Walls, ceilings and floors
Insulation index
Global acoustic insulation index (RW) of 23 dB


Model Height Width Depth Weight
FVI003 500 cm (196 27/32") 100 cm (39 3/8") 0.2 cm (0 5/64") 17.5 kg (38 lbs 9 oz)
FVI003AD 500 cm (196 27/32") 100 cm (39 3/8") 0.2 cm (0 5/64") 17.5 kg (38 lbs 9 oz)


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