SHOCK AB is a wall and ceiling vibration absorber, a composite piece consisting of a molded metal frame and a damping rubber component, which allows to support the weight of the wall or ceiling, thereby minimizing physical contact to the support structure and forming the sound insulation layer between the sound wave irradiation and the original base surface, wall or ceiling.

The SHOCK AB is provided in two models; one for the ceiling and one for the wall.

SHOCK AB Ceiling is an effective way to cut off the structure-borne sound transmission of the suspended ceiling and the original building base.

SHOCK AB Wall is suitable for installing and fixing the wall reinforced sound insulation layer structure.

The quantity of pieces to be used on each application depends on the weight of the insulation layer that will be applied, so it is recommended make the calculation, bearing in mind that it is considered an operating range of 30kg to 50kg per piece (fixation point).


Ceiling decoupler
Dramatically improves the performance of your soundproofing layer
Minimise physical and structure sound transmission
Operating range
30Kg to 50Kg per piece.
Application / Packaging
using endeless screws. Packaging: 20 pieces
Can be applied to suspend standard steel profiles used in the construction with plasterboard
Easy installation
Quick and easy installation with Safety System (SHAWC model)

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