The ATP BASISPACK is conceived for the treatment of the first reflections and the back wall.

The first reflections coming from the speakers occur on the side walls and ceilings and are treated through the use of 24 ATP SNOWSORB absorption panels that will improve sound definition and the sound field image at the mixing position. This is achieved by reducing the interference between the direct sound and specular reflections, controlling the comb-filter effects and the reverberation time in the room.

The back wall is treated with 6 ATP CORALREEF diffusion panels to control specular reflections generated from this surface, thus improving the sense of spaciousness within the room providing mid-high frequencies with clarity.

Despite the intentional absence of low frequency absorbent panels, this set of panels helps to enhance the spectrum balance in a rather effective way. It optimizes the acoustic linkage between the listener and the sources, while minimizing the speakers’ boundary interference response and the modal emphasis, balancing the frequency response for this type of rooms.

BASISPACK is a very practical assembly kit for Control-Rooms and Music Rooms, provided with assembly instructions required to install all acoustic modules.

This pack can be easily adapted by adding modules depending on the size of your room. Contact us for more information.


RT reduction
42% Reverberation time reduction
RT balance
29% Excellent RT balance time/frequency
Ideal for
control rooms
Optimized for
Rooms with areas between 25 m2 and 35 m2 (279 ft2 and 375 ft2)
Room height
Ideal for minimum height of 2.4 m (95")
Easily customizable for other room sizes
Multiple colors
Multiple color combinations available
Cost effective
Very cost effective acoustic balance control
Mounting instructions / accessories included*


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