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Scattering Diffusion Ray-tracing Simulation

This is a ray tracing simulated method video, which describes the scattering direction and speed of sound waves after touching the acoustic panel, taking into account the density of the raw-material and the shape of the acoustic panel. It was simulated in an open field environment.

The blue particles describe the sound source emission with an amplitude between 500Hz and 5kHz, in a cone shaped coaxial dispersion of 12.5°.

The range of red particles portrays the reflected sound after being reflected by the diffuser panel.

In order to visualize the sound waves, we slowed this video to 2.48:346m/s slow motion.

The distance between the sound source and the acoustic panel used in this simulation was 180cm.

This simulation method was developed by JOCAVI and its intellectual property belongs to JOCAVI Acoustic Panels.

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