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Stronger together  !  Coronavirus impact on music industry  !  Stronger together

"Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
Working together is success"

Henry Ford

There isn't a single part of the music industry that won't be affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

The most obvious are the high-profile festivals, concert halls, live music bars; all events were cancelled or postponed to an unknown date.

All the bands and musicians have suspended or postponed their tours or concerts. At the same time there is an entire infrastructure of aspiring musicians, session players, sound engineers, booking agents, record shop owners, DJs, labels, tour managers, event staff, etc. that are on the same boat.

Tons of sound and light equipment are now stationed in the warehouses of rental companies and their teams and managers at home. Recording studios and music promoters have also stopped their activity.

All the world music-related trade shows, where JOCAVI also exhibits, have either been cancelled or postponed with no exceptions.

It is a matter of fact!

Yet we can help keep dreams alive. Our projects cannot be stopped, that would even worsen the current situation and frustrate our initiative spirits. JOCAVI belongs to this market for almost three decades and understands the feeling, knowing that we must follow the path as we always did mainly in adverse times.

We are going to help projects happen, the professionals in this sector; musicians, engineers, technicians and staff can contact us with your request.

JOCAVI will provide you with very special prices and sponsorship/endorsement agreements to bring your project to life. We'll thoroughly analyze each project, one by one, to find out a way to accomplish them.

All together we will be stronger and more empowered to accomplish our goals.

Keep in touch and stay safe!

Don't hesitate to contact us.

João Carlos Vieira
JOCAVI Acoustic Panels Lda

JOCAVI has launched, on its 26th anniversary, its brand new web radio, JOCAVI Radio.

Celebrating 26 years of an intense bond with the international music market, we are honoured to commemorate it and share an excellent music selection with our clients and friends.

João Vieira's private collection was scanned with the original CD file format (WAVE at 44.1kHz, 16bit per channel) and to ensure the best listening quality, it is being broadcast using HE-AAC at 192kbps at 48kHz.

It is now available, 24/7 at

JOCAVI® International

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Sintra Estoril V - B18
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