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Luis Candeias Bryant Merino Luis Roquette Valdez

Thank you so much for joining us at the NAMM Show once again!

The NAMM SHOW is indeed a crossroads of opportunity. This annual gathering of leaders, innovators, experts and artists in the field of music, audio and the entertainment industry was once again a positive and meaningful experience for JOCAVI.

Starting off the year at the largest worldwide industry gathering, JOCAVI finds the NAMM SHOW perfect to make connections, showcase our brand and products, make new deals and share our passion for acoustics and quality acoustic treatments.

Meeting with old friends

Overall we talked, personally, with over 150 people, because we believe in creating a strong relationship of proximity and trust with everyone, from just the curious to the future customers and partners.

Nguyen Mihn - Nhà Hát VOH Music One Opera House

Nguyen Mihn Luis Roquette Valdez VOH Music One Theater

Proof of that was the visit of Nguyen Mihn, who outfitted the Nhà Hát VOH Music One Opera House in Vietnam with JOCAVI products back in 2017.


World-renowned drummer Michael Schack

We also met with longtime client and friend of JOCAVI, world-renowned drummer Michael Schack.

Michael Schack Luis Roquette Valdez

Michael's studio was outfitted with JOCAVI products by iDeal Acoustics around 10 years ago and we're pleased to say that Michael keeps on talking about it.

Chalo Eduardo from REMO

In our visits around the trade show, we also got some time with Chalo Eduardo, from REMO, whom we helped out cutting the reverberation times at their events room in Valencia, California last year.

Luis Roquette Valdez Chalo Eduardo Luis Candeias
JOCAVI & Chalo Eduardo @ NAMM 2020
Check out Chalo's testemony on YouTube


Podcast @ Gator Cases' booth

The Business Side of Music

We joined Doak Turner from Music Starts Here for a podcast about acoustics and studio building at the Gator Cases booth at NAMM 2020.

Doak invited Luis and Dave Malekpour for a podcast for The Business Side of Music where we talked about some common issues of acoustics in studios and how the business has changed.


How to work with JOCAVI products.


If you are an end customer, you can access our online shop, There you can find most of our products for sale, with an easy interface that allows you to find products based on their category, main materials and other options.


If you're buying to sell, we'll provide much more competitive dealer prices. We can produce custom orders, with custom sizes if required.

If at anytime you wish a quote for our products, don't hesitate to email us.

JOCAVI Acoustic Reports

If you're creating your own project, feel free to use our free acoustic engineering services. We'll produce an acoustic report for the rooms in question and help you find the real acoustic issues in your room and pick the right products to solve those issues. Click here to get a sample report.

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