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The SEAFOAM™ FL is made of a flexible open-cell foam from melamine resin, a thermoset polymer.

The SEAFOAM™’s acoustic and safety characteristics make this product ideal for use as a noise control and sound insulation device in buildings that have demanding requirements against fire. It improves acoustics and soundproofing, thereby providing safety in accordance with environmental standards.


  • NRC Average: 0.80/m2
  • Raw material: Melamine resin or standard acoustic foam
  • Flame resistance: Germany B1, France M1, GB Class 1, USA V0/HF1
  • Acoustic Foam - Self-Extinguishable M1 fire-retardant foam
  • Good thermal insulation properties and humidity tolerance
  • Constant physical properties over a wide termperature range
  • Resistance to all organic solvents
  • Easy installation

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Available finishings
Regular foam
Melamine foam
Velvety regular foam
Velvety melamine foam
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