Absorbent suspended ceiling panel MELLOWCLOUD ABS®
Standard and customised shapes.
Optimised shape, array and positioning
that ensure uniform coverage.
When suspended, integrated mounting hardware and cable system (only four supports/hangers by each panel) are used.
NRC : 0,89.
Very lightweight (5 Kg/m2 - 80 mm thick panel).
Applications: Medium and Large Halls.
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Diffusion suspended ceiling panel MELLOWCLOUD DIF®
Standard and custom shapes.
Optimized shape, arraying and
positioning insures uniform coverage.
JCP® micro-fibers glass and gypsum reinforced and finishing, meets Class A fire rating.
Very lightweight (4 Kg/m2 - 80 mm thick panel).
APPLICATIONS: Auditoriums, Rehearsal rooms, Performance, Multipurpose and Theatre Halls.
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Absorbent panel ADDSORB REV®
Wood varnish finishing
Colored VACR varnish finishing
NRC: from 0.56 to 0.81
Package: 4 units
Standard sizes (60 x 60cm) and (120 x 90cm)
Available Customised sizes: (Min. 60x60cm) to (Max. 240x120cm)
Walls and T-ceilings ready applications
Fire-resistance: B1
100% recyclable.