PLURA Portable Acoustic Shell



PLURA™ is an acoustic diffusion panel, manufactured in HIPS on an absorbent filling box. Its design has a geometry that reproduces symmetry at a 180° rotation. It consists of a combination of two ellipses in one bent hollow, thus giving it a predominantly round shape with tenuous angles, which is good for diffusion. PLURA™ is meant to diffuse mid and mid-high frequencies. When using multiple pieces jointly on a continuous area, it improves its sound diffusion efficiency. Amazing diffusion effect can be obtained when used in large rooms. We can make several different aesthetic combination effects by rotating the panels 90° or 180° and positioning them according to one's taste and to the room"s requirements. The shape is the same as the PLURA™, which is an absorbent; they can be applied together to obtain different combinations of sound diffusion and absorption. The inner part of this model is made on a composite substance of impregnated mineral fibers and textiles, which gives this product a specific mass and also contributes to its consistence. The external raw material of this panel was selected out of some materials that have the fastest and most specific properties required for a diffuser with these characteristics, however the HIPS still has some advantages, namely UV protection, impact resistance and fire resistance M1. The back part consists of a flat surface, which includes the mounting accessories. Its shape adjusts to even surfaces. Using our fastening materials we can apply it on walls and ceilings, "T" type mounting bars for false ceilings as well. This piece is available in various colors, thus allowing an appropriate background for each space. The mounting process is rather easy by simply using the fastening devices that are supplied.

The diffusing acoustic shells are acoustic treatment elements intended for large volume rooms, such as theatres or auditoriums with a stage where orchestral concerts or mere recitals take place. These acoustic diffusing components are meant to project the non-amplified original sound from the stage to the audience. This will enable people to hear the sound coming directly from its sound sources and instruments, without the electro-acoustic inherent characterization or colouring. This panel also aims to enable the stage and the room to be within the same space and not separate in two by the mouth of the stage. JOCAVI™'s EFFECTFUSER™, WOODFOIL™, PLURA™ and DYNAMICFLOW™ models have been designed at the specific scale of these needs. Due to its shape and depth, they also have a high diffusion coefficient on medium/low frequencies. The all are large-sized diffusers that provide a very homogeneous diffusion within the diffuse and sound spectrum. Manufactured in HIPS (except WOODFOIL™ in wood) with a rigid framework, these pieces can be coupled and multiplied in order to suit each project's demands. When mounted, several modules should be grouped so as to obtain an area that is proportional to each space.

Mounting: They can be hung from the ceiling in a strategic position in order to obtain sound diffusion in the required angles. They can also be mounted with a motorized rigging system from the stage ceiling. These elements/modules are fastened with steel cables by using appropriate mounting accessories. Their low weight makes mounting easier. As with any other JOCAVI™ diffusion panel, these models can also be applied on false ceilings, flat ceilings or walls. The combination of the various EFFECTFUSER™COMBI and the other models Plates, diffusing pieces must be optimised so as to obtain a diffusion as uniform as possible in the entire room.

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  • Manufactured in HIPS
  • Average diffusion: 0.67/m2 [>100Hz;<5Hz]
  • NRC: 0.33m2 [>100Hz;<5Hz]
  • Fire-resistance: M1
  • 100% recyclable
  • Installation: accessories included
  • Easy to install
  • To adjust the diffusing properties of these models to the room where the product is applied, the placement of these pieces must be taken into account in order to obtain its best performance, for technical support contact us
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Models Height Width Depth Weight
PLR 060 AS3 380cm (12' 5 3/5") 126.5m (4' 1 4/5") 68.5cm (2' 2 1/1") 121Kg (19st 13.0oz)
DYN AS4 500cm (16' 4 6/7") 126.5m (4' 1 4/5") 87.9cm (2' 10 3/5") 154Kg (24st 3lbs 9.0oz)
PLR 060 AS3 (in flight case) 162cm (5' 3 7/9") 126.5m (4' 1 4/5") 68.4cm (2' 2 1/1") 143Kg (22st 7lbs 5.0oz)
DYN AS4 (in flight case) 162cm (5' 3 7/9") 126.5m (4' 1 4/5") 89.8cm (2' 11 1/3") 176Kg (27st 10lbs)
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Vertical and horizontal diffusion with scattering effects.

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Standard HIPS Colours

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