DYNAMICFLOW Portable Acoustic Shell



JOCAVI™ has developed this acoustic diffusion panel by using non-linear convex shapes, based on a set of three ellipses which were later altered and optimised in order to achieve an oval shape with better angular diffusion coverage. The external raw material of this panel was selected out of some materials that have the fastest and most specific properties required for a diffuser with these characteristics.

However, the HIPS still has some advantages, namely UV protection, impact resistance and fire resistance M1.

The DYNAMICFLOWs© interior is composed of a substance made of impregnated mineral fibres and textiles, which gives this product a specific mass and also contributes to its consistence. The back part consists of an even surface.'

DYNAMICFLOW™ AcSh™ removable acoustic shells are composed of four 120x120cm modules which are set on a flight-case type box. This box is part of the basic structure of the shell itself and there is no need to store the box while the shell is being used. Two people are enough to install it on the stage floor.

This shell adapts to each orchestra according to the number of musicians, groups of instruments and the stage area by adjusting the quantity of modules to be used. It is versatile since it allows several configurations in accordance with the musical formation, as well as the easy access of musicians and instruments and a quick assembly and disassembly.

This shell is easily carried on its wheeled box. When not in use ,it is kept in storage in order not to interfere with the good functioning of the performance room.

Depending on the space available on the stage, more or less elements may be used in order to form the shape of a perfect shell. Built on a modular configuration with 120x120cm pieces, up to four modules can be coupled in height, thus totalling a diffusing homogeneous surface of 480x120cm. The DYNAMICFLOW™ AcSh™ are a large-sized diffusers that provides a very homogeneous diffusion within the sound and diffuse spectrum.

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  • Manufactured in HIPS
  • Average diffusion: 0.61/m2 [>100Hz;<5Hz]
  • Fire-resistance: M1
  • 100% recyclable
  • Installation: accessories included
  • To adjust the diffusing properties of these models to the room where the product is applied, the placement of these pieces must be taken into account in order to obtain its best performance, for technical support contact us info@jocavi.net.
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Models Height Width Depth Weight
DYN AS3 380cm (12' 5 3/5") 126.5m (4' 1 4/5") 59.5cm (1' 11 3/7") 121Kg (19st 13.0oz)
DYN AS4 500cm (16' 4 6/7") 126.5m (4' 1 4/5") 75.9cm (2' 5 7/8") 154Kg (24st 3lbs 9.0oz)
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Vertical and horizontal diffusion with scattering effects.

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Standard HIPS Colours

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